Coaching Staff

Nikki Springer, Volleyball Coordinator

Playing Experience:

  • Played volleyball in junior high
  • High school at Permian
  • Midland College
  • Played club for West Texas Juniors
  • Played all positions through-out the years, mainly outside hitter/setter 

Coaching Experience:

  • Coached at Bonham Junior High (2 years)
  • Permian High School (2 years)
  • Grape Creek High School (1 year)
  • Midland Christian School (2 years) 

Club coaching experience:

  • West Texas Juniors (3 years) 
  • Independent team for 3 years
  • Little Spikers (3 years)

Number of Seasons with 3:23:
Starting 2nd season with 3:23 

What You May Not Know About Me:
I enjoy taking photos and doing crafts such as sewing and scrap booking.

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
As a player, winning our conference and regionals outright and then being the first team in the history of Midland College to attend Nationals.

As a coach, my entire first season at Midland Christian. Being pregnant and having the most caring and sweet girls on my team that loved and prayed for Hadley everyday. Those girls now treat her like a sister, and it's the most amazing thing ever. 

Why I coach Club Volleyball:
To inspire passion and love for the game in younger girls, in hopes to encourage them to also do the same when they choose a profession. 

Tiffany Alba, Coach

Playing Experience: I played college softball at Oklahoma Christian University. 

Coaching Experience: I have been coaching volleyball, basketball, and track for 6 years.

Year Started with 3:23: This is my first year with 3:23!

What You May Not Know About Me: I am a mom to two amazing kiddos, and we love game nights!!!

Why I Coach Club Volleyball: I love kids and I think joining sports is such a good outlet!!! 


Melissa Avila, Coach

Playing Experience: 

-Adrenaline Volleyball Club: 7 years (OH)
-Gilroy High School: 4 years (OH)
-Gavilan Community College: 2 years (S)
-Dickinson State University: 2 years (S/OH)


Coaching Experience:

-Adrenaline Volleyball Club: 2 years (15's)
-Dickinson State University: 1 year (Student-Assistant)
-Hastings College: 2 years (Graduate Assistant)
-Western Texas College: 1 year (Assistant Coach)

Year Started with 3:23:  This is my first season with 3:23.

What You May Not Know About Me:  I love traveling and anything that has to do with being outdoors!

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:  I have had many great memories through the sport of volleyball, but my favorite has to be winning an NAIA National Championship as a Graduate Assistant at Hastings College.

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:  I coach club volleyball because of the experiences that you can gain. Being able to coach kids from different backgrounds and schools, while traveling and playing teams from all over the country, is an awesome opportunity. Also, the opportunities that are presented to you as a coach to increase not only the knowledge of your players, but also your own knowledge, while building relationships and helping young kids develop through the sport.


Dana Brown, Coach

Playing Experience: 

    - Centennial HS - MB
    - Club Arrowhead - MB (5 years)
    - Grand Canyon University - OH, MB (4 years)
    - Arizona Sizzle - OH (1 season)

 Coaching Experience:

 High School
 - Kellis HS - JV
  - North Canyon HS - JV, Varsity

- Club Arrowhead - 6 years
- 3:23 Volleyball - 5 years

Year Started with 3:23:    2013

What You May Not Know About Me:   I can't hear out of my left ear

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:   I can't pick just one memory, so I have to say my entire experience playing college volleyball!

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
I love helping girls not only improve their volleyball skills throughout the season, but also the challenge of preparing them for the real world outside of school and sports. Being able to help girls learn and grow is the most rewarding experience. I am also very grateful for the relationships and friendships that coaching club volleyball has brought to my life!

Kelsey Byler, Coach
Tara Chisum, Coach

Playing Experience: 

  • Club - Royal Attitudes, Setter (independent team - Crane), JAMODI, Setter (independent team - Odessa)
  • High School - Crane High School, Setter
  • College - Frank Phillips Junior College, Libero (the first year of the Libero), McMurry University, Libero

Coaching Experience:
While in college during the summers I coached Crane JV and Varsity summer league. I coached for the Odessa Boys and Girls Club for 2 years (ages 7 & 8) & the Midland Boys and Girls Club (age 9). This will be my 6th year coaching club (Independent 15's, Advance West Texas 13's, Midland Fusion, 11's, 3:23 12's & 15's).

Number of Seasons with 3:23:
Starting 4th season 

What You May Not Know About Me:
I'm dating JJ jk. I'm a book nerd. I read for fun.

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
It's hard to pick just one, but  playing and placing in the top 10 two consecutive years at the National Junior College Athletic Association Tournament (10th as a freshman & 5th as a sophomore). Playing at Nationals was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced in my volleyball career. Meeting my two volleyball idols Karch Kiraly and Misty May Traenor ranks high on my favorite memories too! 

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
I love the game and coaching allows me to stay involved with a sport I have so much respect for!

B.J. Cleere, Coach

Playing Experience:
I never played volleyball in club or school. I grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball. Found volleyball when I was 23 in San Antonio. Played co-ed tournaments. Then men's and beach volleyball. 

Coaching Experience:
My coaching experience began right here with 3:23 and it's going on 5 years

Number of Seasons with 3:23:
Starting 5th season

What You May Not Know About Me:
I love camping and everything that goes with it. Especially campfires. I'm always poking the fire and adding way more wood than I should. 

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
Competing in my first beach volleyball tournament. The competition level was crazy, and I never thought I'd actually play in one. 

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
I love challenging players to try new things. Watching players succeed at skills, conquer challenges, and progress at the sport they love is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. 

Lyndi Cypher, Coach

Playing Experience:
Monahans High school & Sul Ross State University. All around and Libero.

Coaching Experience:
Alamo Junior High 7th & 8th grade, HIgh school, 3:23 

Number of Seasons with 3:23:
Starting 5th season

What You May Not Know About Me:
In my free time, I like to craft, paint, etc.  

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
The state tournament my junior and senior year of high school--no better feeling!

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
Because I enjoy working with the kids and seeing them find something they love.

Whitney Estes, Coach

Playing Experience:

  • Douglas High School - MB
  • Capital City Volleyball Club - RS (3 years)
  • Grand Canyon University - RS (4 years)

Coaching Experience:

    • Grand Canyon University 
    • Western Texas College (currently serving as head coach)
  • CLUB
    • Club Arrowhead Volleyball - 14's-16's
    • AZ Sky Volleyball - 16's
    • 3:23 Volleyball - 13's-16's

Number of Seasons with 3:23:

Starting 4th season

What You May Not Know About Me:

My only pets growing up were ostriches.

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:

There are too many to pick from, but I loved going to Hawaii for a week every year in college to play the Hawaii schools in the Pac West Conference

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:

I coach club volleyball for the experiences with different players. It gives me an opportunity to work with players from different schools and give them a different outlook on volleyball. You get to travel and play different teams from all over the country, and you get to meet a lot of new people along the way. I love how much it allows young players to grow and develop as people and volleyball players!

Reagan Fink, Coach

Playing experience: started with YMCA in 3rd grade, played club and school volleyball 6th grade-my senior year of high school

Coaching experience: started with coaching camps and doing private lessons, moved to helping my sister with her club teams in college. This is my first year being an actual assistant coach with 3:23!

What you may not know about me: I'm a resource teacher!

One of my favorite volleyball memories: I was at my first varsity volleyball tournament in Seminole. My big sister, Kelsey, was living in Los Angeles at the time.  I was really disappointed that she wouldn't be there. During a break, we were sitting in the stands, and my mom comes around the corner videoing me as my sister followed. She flew home to surprise me!!! We played Midland High, and that was probably the best I've ever played!

Why I coach club volleyball: I love the game and want to teach these girls all I can to help them become better players and have a good club experience! 

Vay Ann Griffin, Coach

Playing experience: 

  • 4 years of competitive high school volleyball at Pleasant Grove High School as a setter.  
  • 11U-17U Club Volleyball in Utah as a setter. 
  • Co-ed tournaments and leagues in Wyoming and Colorado

Coaching experience: 

  • Assisted youth recreational teams (2 years)


Year started with 3:23:   This is my first year with 3:23! 

What you may not know about me:   I have lived in 6 states and love to travel. I enjoy gardening and being in nature.

One of my favorite volleyball memories:   Competing with my high school and club volleyball teams and coaches, who greatly impacted my life and future. During my junior year, our team and a rival team were both undefeated in our region until the State Championship, where we took the title!

Why I coach club volleyball:   Having been inspired by many coaches and fellow teammates throughout the years, I strive to share the same for all young volleyball athletes. It is such a rewarding experience to share my passion, knowledge and motivation for volleyball!

Krystal Hernandez, Coach

Playing Experience:
I was a 4-year letterman at Lockhart High School where I was an outside hitter/setter. 

Coaching Experience:

  • Midland Christian ( 7th grade, JV)  
  • Assisted the 3:23 17's team, 3:23 14's

Number of Seasons with 3:23:
Starting 3rd season

What You May Not Know About Me:
I find cleaning VERY therapeutic. I enjoy seeing the progress that a day of cleaning produces. I would love to clean a "Hoarders" house. (Get ready for some phone calls Krystal!)

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
We were in set 4 of our game against Connally. We were both undefeated at the time and were tied first place in the district. I remember my middle and I starting the set so excited and jumping up and down because we knew we would come out victorious. We defeated them 25-17 and that victory moved us into first place where we easily advanced into playoffs. 

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
I coach club volleyball because I want to share my passion for the sport with other girls who want to be there...and I'm too old to play now. ;) 

Tammie Jimenez, Coach

Playing Experience:
I played 4 years of high school volleyball at Alpine High School as a setter. I was recruited to play college volleyball at both Vernon College and Frank Phillips College. I chose to play for Frank Phillips College in 1999. After my freshman year at FPC, I transferred to St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX and chose to focus on academics. 
Coaching Experience:

Club Volleyball:
2005: West Texas Jrs. (Asst. Coach for 14's team)  
2007 & 2008: Independent Teams
2009 – 2010:  West Texas Jrs. (Coaches Coordinator + Head Coach for 18's team)
2012 – 2014:  Independent Team (Midland Mayhem)
2015 – Present:  3:23 Ministries
           Head Coach – 18u – Mayhem
           Head Coach – 14u – Elevate
           Head Coach – 13u – Black
College Coaching:
2007 – 2010:  Assistant Coach – Midland College
2011 – Present:  Head Coach – Midland College

Number of Seasons with 3:23:
Starting 4th season
What You May Not Know About Me:
I was a Girl Scout! I started in the 4th grade and was a scout through graduation of my senior year. As a senior scout, I had the honor of receiving the Girl Scout Gold Award which is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. 
One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
Winning the 2010 Region V-West Tournament and earning my first trip as a coach to the Division I Junior College National Tournament. 
Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
I coach club volleyball because it is a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. While I am able to share my knowledge and love for the sport with others, I feel that I gain more than I can give. I am able to expand my coaching knowledge and skills through the relationships I build with other club coaches while also having an opportunity to share this great game with others. It’s very rewarding knowing I am able to make a small impact on young people through sport and sometimes the impact goes beyond the X’s and O’s!

Kim Rivera, Coach

I enjoy helping kids and families make happy memories on the volleyball court.

One thing you may not know about me:   I collect old records!

One of my favorite vb memories:  When a kid "finally clicks" at a skill.

I have coached for more than 15 years various age groups


Daniel Roth, Coach

Playing Experience:
I played 4 years of competitive high school volleyball at a traditional powerhouse volleyball school in Pennsylvania and made all-section team my senior year. We were section champs 3 out of the 4 years I played. I currently play in co-ed leagues and tournaments in the West Texas region. I was a setter in high school and have transitioned into a power hitter over the last three years.

Coaching Experience:
Assistant coach for 14's

Number of Seasons with 3:23:

What You May Not Know About Me: 
I have been diving with great white sharks and am in a photo published by National Geographic.

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories:
My high school team was down 2-0 on senior night to our rival high school. We came back and won the next 3 games.

Why I Coach Club Volleyball:
I am very passionate for the game and excited for the opportunity to share my experience with others!

Marina Salazar, Coach
Shannon Torres, Coach

Playing Experience:  I started playing when I was 10 years old.  I played club, 4 years of varsity, and 1 year at Clarendon College.

Coaching Experience: I coached at a middle school in Amarillo for 6 years and have coached my daughter since she was 6. 

Year Started with 3:23 This is my first year with 3:23!

What You May Not Know About Me: I am the principal at Midland Freshman High School.

One of My Favorite Volleyball Memories: I love all the friendships that come from playing volleyball.  

Why I Coach Club Volleyball: I love the game of volleyball. I especially love teaching the fundamentals and seeing how much I can grow a player!