What is the Difference Between Club and Independent Teams?

Every team and club runs differently, but here are a few advantages we see to both independent and club teams. Regardless of which kind of team you play for, we all show up to the same tournaments and play volleyball. Every team’s success is largely dependent on the integrity of the coach and leadership behind the scenes. Both types of teams can be a great experience and the more teams we have, the more athletes we are able to put on a court. When looking for a team, ask lots of questions about vision, philosophy, player development, playtime philosophy, atmosphere etc.

Advantages of Playing for a Club Team

  • Team selection is typically based on tryouts and putting kids together with similar skill sets.
  • Oftentimes a club can be cheaper financially. An exception would be when a coach is volunteering his or her time. Most coaches are paid a monthly stipend plus all travel expenses.
  • A healthy club has policies in place to protect coaches, players, and parents. 
  • Travel or club volleyball involves lots of administrative requirements for coaches and teams. The club handles all USAV, regional, and administrative red tape, allowing coaches to spend more time coaching kids.

Advantages of Playing for an Independent Team

  • Most independent teams are handpicked, meaning you likely get to play with your friends and families you already know.
  • A parent (or group of parents) typically hires a coach of their choice and decides how many players are on the team.
  • Tryouts are usually not necessary, thus eliminating the risk/disappointment of not being placed on a team.

What is Unique about 3:23 Club Teams?

  • We are faith-based and put a high priority on pointing kids to Jesus.
  • We have a thorough interview and screening process for coaches to help find a healthy tension between our spiritual values and coaches who know and can teach the game.
  • Our coaches bring years of coaching experience at all levels including club, middle school, high school, and college coaching experience.
  • 3:23 provides incentives for our coaches to upgrade their volleyball knowledge and coaching skills each year. Coaches who are being pushed to grow can provide a better experience for you.
  • The club secures and pays for all practice facilities at no additional cost to you. The bid qualifier tournament hosted by 3:23 offsets these expenses.
  • We are a non-profit organization with a leadership team and board in place to keep the club from being monopolized by one voice. The board also provides accountability to our spiritual values and financial integrity.
  • We help navigate conflict between players, parents, and coaches as needed. Conflict is inevitable in travel sports.
  • We want to help kids develop and compete for spots on their junior high and high school teams. 
  • We want kids to have fun and not be burned out by the time they reach high school!

We are not a perfect club, but we work hard every year to better serve our families.



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