What does 3:23 mean?

3:23 comes from Colossians 3:23 which says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” In this club, you will hear us frequently say, “It’s bigger than volleyball.” We truly believe that!

Is this club competitive in club volleyball?

Yes, while we are faith-based and deeply care about kids, we are a highly competitive club that competes for championships with much bigger cities like Dallas and Austin. 3:23 teams win lots of matches and tournaments and place well at every age level. We set out to win as many tournaments as we can; we just don’t let wins and losses define who we are. 

At what age do kids start playing club volleyball?

Club volleyball is a travel sport that involves time and money. Each family should seriously consider when to begin and how to lead your family through this unique subculture that can get out of control. The youngest age division starts at 11U meaning teams will consist of kids' "playing age" 11 and under. We start seeing girls enter club volleyball around age 10. Every kid is different in terms of athletic skill, awareness of the game, interest etc. We recommend girls play at least 2-3 seasons of Little Spikers at the local Boys & Girls Club or YMCA before deciding to explore club volleyball. This allows you to better determine their interest level and athletic ability before making a club commitment. This can be a great experience, and club athletes often have an advantage skill wise when competing for spots on their school teams beginning in junior high. 

When are tryouts? What is the purpose of tryouts?

Tryouts take place in late October and/or by the first week of November. Tryouts help us assess skill levels to get the players on the right teams for their development. Coaches and outside assessors assist in the tryout process and select teams based on what player skill levels. We are a competitive volleyball club and do our best to place kids where we think they best fit. 

Do all kids get placed on a team?

The number of teams we can provide is limited to the number of qualified coaches we have (who share our vision for sport and ministry) and available gym space. We anticipate always offering 8 to 10 teams each year. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that every player who tries out will be placed on a team. This does not mean a player is not capable of playing club volleyball, but the number of spots we have is based on the number of head coaches we have and up to 10 players per team. 

What is the average cost per player for the season and what does that include?

The average cost for our club ranges from $1,300 to $1,800 per player per season. This fee includes USAV and Sun Country registration fees, tournament fees, gym rentals, coaching fees, uniforms, and club administrative costs. This fee does not include any travel expenses for the player or family. The variance in cost includes the coaching fee, number/location of tournaments, and the number of players on a team. 3:23 is among the most affordable clubs in our region. Larger clubs in bigger cities can cost from $3,000-$5,000 and offer full-time staff and facilities. We typically break the player fee into 4-5 payments to help cash flow for families. If you can't absorb this expense in your budget, please do not tryout for club volleyball. This is an optional sport and we do not provide scholarships.

How often do teams practice and where?

Most teams practice twice a week for two hours. We use every gym we can gain access to throughout Midland including MCS, MLK Center, numerous public schools, and local Boys & Girls Clubs.

When does a season begin and end?

Tournaments and practices run from January through April.

What is "First Things First"?

Every 3:23 team has a 5-10 minute devotional at the beginning of each week. These devotionals point kids to Jesus and are designed to help them grow spiritually. We share the gospel with players and provide them opportunities to learn more about what it means to follow Christ. We also offer water baptism to kids who are ready to take that step in their walk with God. 

How does a family reconcile attending church and being gone so many weekends for club volleyballl?

Great question! We believe every family who follows Christ needs to be actively involved in a local church. 3:23 provides a cap on the number of tournaments per season to help families maintain some balance. We also encourage families to connect through groups and/or Wednesday night ministry (if offered at your church). We have a policy that allows athletes to miss Wednesday practices without penalty. 

What does a typical tournament format look like on a weekend?

One-day tournaments have pool play during the morning and bracket play in the afternoon. A two-day tournament has pool play with morning and afternoon waves. Sunday is bracket play and is usually double elimination.

What are some common tournament locations and how often do teams play?

Midland, Odessa, Monahans, Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, Dallas, El Paso, Austin and Albuquerque are all common locations. Most tournaments are out of town. There are 1 and 2-day tournaments available and all occur on weekends. Younger teams play an average of 4-5 tournaments and older teams play an average of 6-8 tournaments. 

What is the difference in a set and a match in volleyball?

A set is a single game to 25. A match is typically the best two out of three sets with the third set, if necessary, played to 15.

What is Lone Star?

The Lone Star Regional Championship tournament is a national qualifier for the Girls Junior National Volleyball Championships held in Dallas each year. 

How exactly do I register into the system?

If you already have an account at 323volleyball.com, simply login and sign up! New users, register in the Member Center. (Parent is primary, and then add the player.) Learn more with these detailed Online Registrations Instructions.



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